Feather Tutorial

When our little people need a some extra support we have found completing a craft together can provide them with something to hold onto physically and emotionally. Let your little one choose the colour combinations and  pick out extra “embellishments”
The idea for our feathers came from a mom who, inspired by Dumbos magic feather, made feathers for the kids in her life who were off to JK, and needed a little help to ‘fly’.

For more on supporting your little person through challenging transitions see our post .

What you’ll need to make your own feathers:
Sheets of felt & embroidery thread in assorted colours
darning needle
Sharp scissors
a selection of sequins, ric-rac, decorative crafting gem stones, glitter glue, fabric paint etc.
(hair elastic)

I started by making 3 basic feather shapes. Then I added 3 matching feather shapes, a little smaller & with more detail in contrasting colours. Finally I added cutouts in contrasting colours. I used real feathers as my inspiration. You can make your own feather shapes or use my shapes  (go to our Printables page)

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Print TWO copies of “feather 1”  and ONE copy of “feather 2″ onto 8″ 1/2 x 11” to make paper templates.
  2. On your first copy of feather 1, Cut out the outersimple feather shape to make your first paper template.
  3. On the second copy of “feather 1”  Cut out the inner more complex feather shape.
  4. Trace each of the feathers onto  a different colour of felt. Make sure the inner and outer feathers are facing the same direction and match up.
  5. Create felt embellishments- you can make your own, or cut out the embellishment shapes from  “feather 2” to create paper templates.
  6. Trace these onto scraps of felt to create cut outs in more colours Lay out all the felt pieces until you get combinations you like –
  7. Sew the three layers together Start by stitching a centre vane, using contrasting embroidery thread.
  8. Embellish in a few places with different colors of thread and different types of stitch over each of the felt different layers of felt. You could embellish further by adding more stitches, ric-rac, fabric paint, glitter glue or sequins- this is a great place for your little one to do some work.
  9. I finished by adding a colorful button to the quill.
    We turned our finished feathers into a banner, threading the buttons through a series of button holes in a piece colourful fabric.

We have also been buttoning our feathers into our little people’s jackets.

The largest sized feather can be bound together tip to quill with a hair elastic (sewn on) that loops around the button to be a bracelet
OR These same supplies can used to create a simple bracelet (or supper hero cuff, like these) using just felt. Or add some dyed tube pasta;  have your little one thread the pasta onto embrodery thread. simple.
When my little guy and I created our “bravery bracelet” each pasta was a different colour and had a different “super power.”

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