Transitions series: from summer to fall

I always feel conflicted when the weather starts to turn. We still love to spend our days outside but the shift in seasons can mean cool mornings,  unpredictable rain, wind and often unpleasant weather.
When it comes time to head inside we hit some of our favourite kid friendly spaces. The change in pace can take some getting use to, so we start off slow getting back into a routine, much like going back to school.
Indoor kids spaces offer a variety of activities and new opportunities for little ones to explore. We can choose to do free play, participate in story-time, song circles, music classes,  go to community parenting centres and play gyms, visit Family Literacy centres, or stop by the library. For more information on whats near you check out our Kid Friendly Spaces  page. The change in routine gives our day a bit of excitement and  provides opportunities for our little people to learn new skills.

The change in weather is also a good reminder that its time to review what might be hiding in the bottom of your little ones diaper/day-bag. Excavate the half eaten dried apricot that might be hidden in a forgotten pocket and make sure that the spare change of clothes still fits and is weather appropriate.

The first day of Autumn is another step closer to Winter and if you haven’t already its time to start thinking about winter outer wear (I know, I know stop with the talk of snow already!) but some big annual and semi annual kids sales are around the corner and if you want high quality preloved kids stuff they are the place to go. Also if you want a deal,and I always do,  start trolling your favourite online or in-print classified advertising source,  to get whatever you need before you NEED it. Snowsuits will always be deep discounted in hot weather but not so much after the first snow fall.

Your little one is growing, try to keep in mind s/he is developing new skills and is headed toward new milestones, larger diapers, training pants, a shift from onsies and cute shoes to shirts and proper walking shoes may be in order. A little one learning to walk needs pants that fit and that don’t obstruct movement-leggings are ideal. With preschool aged kids bottoms that facilitate toilet training and fasteners that can be managed with little or no help can make the difference between toileting sucess and unwanted accidents.

Want a list of what you care provider wishes was in your kids diaper or day bag. Stay tuned for our next post:Whats in our diaper bag: The Checklist.

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