A parenting & childcare blog for real life! Fruitful Pursuits

Well worn and road tested: clothes, food, gear; at Fruitful Pursuits we dish on our experiences, kid approved food, activities, & crafts, tips on surviving outings, managing challenging behaviour, tricks of the trade, tutorials and DIY projects, all for real kids and real life.

We work with kids everyday, wonderful, fulfilling, messy, sometimes thankless and exhausting work- We wouldn’t have it any other way- watching little humans learn, and grow into wonderful people. A Fruitful Pursuit.

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Our gift to you! With the Official Launch of Fruitful Pursuits, we have made available FREE to our readers, an online reading and Language program for Kids in grade K-6, from ESA (Essential Skills Learning)-check it out here!

We would love to hear your ideas, insights and what sort of articles you would want from a blog like ours- make a comment, send us an email, & tweet us your ideas!

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