Super kid tutorial series (i) MASK

Our gang loves playing dressup and they especially love being super kids!
We spend a lot of time coming up with simple costumes we can make easily with the junk  stuff we have lying around the house or in the bottom of the craft bin.
The costume pieces made with this tutorial have endless possibilities for your little superhero and can be adapted for other costumes (think knight, pirate, or punk rocker). Make all or some of the pieces, customize with decals and stensiling even add your little persons initials.
We have a tutorial for making a simple super-hoodie as well, stay tuned!

The mask is made of two pieces of felt with an ajustable elastic head strap. The toggle will make it so the mask will fit any size head.

This one fit me, my 6yr old and my 1yr old!

What you’ll need:
14″ Nylon Cord
7″  of 1/2″ or 1/4″ elastic
1 toggle clasp
(15″x 3″ strip of fabric- optional)
8 x 10 piece of felt
Freezer paper
(fabric paint/extra felt for decorating)

1. Print off, cut out, and trace your mask on to the dull side of some freezer paper (or print right onto the freezer paper). Get the template here.
2. Iron the freezer paper onto a piece of felt. You will be using two layers so you need two pieces 8″x5″ of the same or different colours, stacked on top of one another.  Don’t cut the mask out yet.
3. Sew the two layers of felt together along the outer edge of the mask – around the top and bottom -leaving a gap where indicated on each side to insert the headband. Also sew around the eye holes.
4. Once the two pieces of felt are fixed together cut out the mask shape from the felt, remove the freezer paper and then cut out the eye holes.
5. For the HEADBAND:
Cut 2 pieces of elastic each 3 1/2″, and a cord 14″
6.Tie a knot in the centre of the 14″ cord and thread each end of the cord through the toggle.
7.Sew an elastic to each end of the cord overlapping by 1/2″. You will have a cord with a toggle in the centre with 3″ of elastic on either side.


8. (Optional fabric casing for headband) or just skip to Step 9.
8A. Fold the long edge of the fabric in on itself 1/2″ on either side, press. Fold in half lengthways and press again- or you can purchase double fold bias tape.
B.Find the midpoint and create a button hole in the center of one half of the bias tape.
C.Open the buttonhole then sew the length of the tape to create a long tube with a button hole in the center of one side.
D.Thread the elastics through the buttonhole and out each end so that the toggle remains on the outside and there’s an elastic sticking out each end of the tube.You may need to use a safety pin to thread through.
E. Sew the fabric casing to the elastic.

9.Insert one end of the headband into the gap in the two pieces of felt one one side of the mask. Sandwich the elastic between the felt and sew the full length of the side of the mask to secure. Repeat on the other side.
wpid-20141018_125946.jpg   wpid-2014-10-19-19.58.28.jpg.jpeg
10.Decorate the mask with fabric paint (We used freezer paper stencils for our bat mask), felt decals, or sewn on flare (ricrac, sequins, embroidery stitching etc.).

Instead of stitching the 2 layers of felt together, adhere them with heat n bond. Instead of sewing elastic in cut a slot for the elastic (see placement in template)  in either side of the mask, tie a knot in the end of the elastic or add a few stitches by hand to secure.

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