Super kid tutorial series (ii) CAPED SHIRT & GAUNTLETS

Our gang loves playing dressup and they especially love being super kids!
We spend a lot of time coming up with simple costumes we can make easily with the junk  stuff we have lying around the house or in the bottom of the craft bin.
The costume pieces made with this tutorial have endless possibilities for your little superhero and can be adapted for other costumes (think knight, pirate, or punk rocker). Make all or some of the pieces, customize with decals and stensiling even add your little persons initials. Hate sewing, no problem we though of that too!

Check out last weeks post on making the matching mask  and stay tuned for our tutorial on making a simple super-hoodie as well.

Custom Decal Caped Shirt, & Gauntlets
We started with one of those buy 2 for 3 deals -we picked a shirt & matching leggings and for our 3rd item an additional shirt in a different colour and larger size.  (we could have just as easily bought 3 shirts and made 2 complete caped shirt & gauntlet outfits- But this was a birthday present and we wanted to make sure it was complete with super leggings – I added some super underwear that could be worn over the leggings.)

What you’ll need:
Felt 8×10 sheet
Heat n bond sheets or similar iron-able fabric adhesive
Freezer paper
2 long sleeve shirts- one in your child’s size, one larger.
(or 1 in your child’s size & a plain cotton tea towel)
Swing machine
(4″ self adhesive hook & loop/velcro)

We used the the back piece of the large shirt for the cape; and the bottom portion of the sleeves to make our gauntlet/cuffs. The remaining portion of one of the sleeves was used for the decal.
We used felt for the the “V” part of the decal, the wings of the gauntlets, and the mask.
Read to the end for our No-Sew version.



1. Start with the larger shirt. Turn the shirt inside out and cut the sleeves off the shirt along the seam line
2. Cut up the side seams of the shirt and across the shoulder seams so that you’ll have to arms a front piece and a Back piece. Leave the bottom hem and the neck hem as is.
3. Open up the arm seams
4. Measure 3 1/2 inches from the wrist cuff up the arm. Cut this portion off on each sleeve.
5. Trace your decal(s)on to heat n bond. Remember to reverse the direction of your letter(s) or it will be backwards when you iron it on.
6. Cut roughly around your traced decals and iron them onto your fabric. (We used the shirt fabric for our star and felt for the “V”).
7. Once the heat n bond has been attached cut out your decal’s shape.
8. Iron one decal to the upper middle portion of the shirt and the other onto the cape. (We put a star and a V on the shirt, and a second V on the cape)
9. Using the sewing machine do a straight stitch around the edge of your decal.
10. Fold the raw edges of the cape under and stitch with a zigzag stitch.
11. Line up the shoulder seam of the cape with the shoulder seam of the shirt, attach with a zigzag stitch.

If you want to avoid doing any sewing you can still create a caped shirt with decals. You will need to get an already finished piece of fabric for the cape: a large piece of felt, a pillowcase, or a cotton tea towel make a great substitutes because the edges won’t roll or unravel.
Cut your decals from felt or scrap fabric, and attach to shirt and cape with heat n bond as described above (steps 5-8). To prevent the edges of the decal from fraying, outline the edges with puff fabric paint.
Attach the cape to the shirt using heat and bond on the shoulder seams, reinforce with a few hand stitches if you have a needle and thread handy.


1. Cut out 2 felt shapes for the “pointy” parts of the gauntlets – the part that sticks out, use your own shape or ours. Get the template here.
2. Take the pieces of sleeve you removed earlier, and open them up with the finished cuff edge at the top, the cut open seam edges on either side. Imagine a centre line running from top to bottom.
3. Fold raw bottom edge (opposite the hem cuff) under and zigzag stitch.
4. With right-side-up place the flat edge of felt against  the Left side seam edge, the “pointy” part of the felt should be pointing to the right, and toward the center of the fabric. Fold the Right side seam over so that right sides of fabric are facing together, and the side seams match up: and the felt piece is sandwiched inside.
5. Zigzag stitch the side seam, ensuring that you are stitching together, the two layers of fabric with felt in between.
6. Flip right side out.


If you want to avoid doing any sewing you can still create Super-cute gauntlets.
1.Using felt, cut out the Cuff shape,  and a decorative shape, make your own or use ours.
Templates provided here.
2.As described in the the mask tutorial, you can cut out 2 of each cuff shape, per gauntlet (4 total) and adhere together with heat bond to reinforce, or make with a single layer of felt (as pictured above).
3.Instead of “points” on the gauntlets, add a matching decals with scrap fabric/felt or freezer paper stencilling (see the mask tutorial for ideas). Trace the decal onto heat and bond or freezer paper, iron onto felt, then cut out-if you dont have heat n bond, don’t worry hot glue works.
4.Attach to cuff in the centre.
5.Finish by adding hook and loop tape where indicated on the template – the hooks on the inside edge and the loops on the opposite outside edge. You can use elf adhesive velcro or attach with hot glue.

Stay tuned for our SuperKid Tutorial (iii) A Custom SUPER-HOODIE, subscribe and follow so you dont miss it!

Have your own Super easy Super fun costume ideas, let us know!

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