Pasta Jewelry Tutorial

Pasta Jewelry! Helps your little person by supporting creativity, cognitive development, dexterity, fine motor skills, & early math concepts (patterning). A great craft, made even better because chances are you already have everything you need in your kitchen.

Our first week of cold and wet fall weather, our park trips were cut short and we needed a multi-day activity that wouldn’t take too much time, would hold my gang’s interest for that hour we would rather have spent in the playground. Instead of our fingers turning blue from cold, we grabbed the food dye; our hands were every shade of the rainbow…and sparkly too!

What you need:

  • Large tube pasta noodles (rigatoni or penne)
  • Food Dye of varying colours
  • String / pipecleaners
  • yogurt containers or mason jars with lids – 1 per colour

Method in 2 parts
1.Dying & drying the pasta
2.Making your pasta jewelry

1.Dying Pasta:
Prepare for the mess, the dye can stain- your counter, your hands, and your clothes. So take whatever steps you feel appropriate. For us that means none, but thats how we roll:)
In a 500 ml mason jar or similar container, put about 100 g of dry pasta in the jar, fill with hot water & about 20 drops of liquid food colour (or 1/8 tsp paste food colour)
Secure the lid.
Count the drops aloud together & let your little people pour the water into the jar – or the pasta before the dye goes in.
Let your little people shake the container. Do a song (shake-it-baby-shake-it, comes to mind.)
After few minutes drain the pasta and place it onto a layer of wax paper over a rack, towel, or absorbent paper . If the pasta gets too soggy it’ll be hard to use later, so keep the soaking/shaking period to about 5 min.
Once on the paper place the pasta in a warm spot and leave it to dry completely. Its going to need at least a day to dry.
Repeat this with as many colours as you like or until your little people loose interest.

2.Make your Jewelry:
When fully dry your little one can take the pasta and  thread it onto pieces of string or for younger kids, pipe cleaners.
Before threading you can insert a step, adding glitter, using glue and sparkles, or glitter glue decorate pasta and let dry before creating jewelry.

Help your little ones name the colours, and explain simple patterns, red-blue-red-blue…introducing early math concepts: sorting and patterning.


*a note, we discovered shaking sparkles onto wet pasta worked even better then glue!

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