Make spring come early at your house


This week was so very cold we decided to make spring bloom a little early. I have a “pot maker” that I found somewhere years ago and every (usually febuary) I pull it out, and the kids and I make seedling pots, and then plant a selection of seeds and seed mixes.
This year we tried a mixture of salad greens and a wild flower mix in addition to our regular seeds. (I like to use hardy seeds that I know will sprout within a week and that grow so that the kids will see obvious progress).
Tomorrow we’ll visit Allan Gardens and get some more ideas for building our indoor garden and in the coming weeks we will try to acquire some grow-lights and young plants (check out the link at the end of this post for ideas) that I either don’t have the patience or the skills to sprout at home.
To Start your own indoor garden:
What you’ll need:
-Potting soil or peat pellets
-Biodegratable potting pots (or make your own with newsprint and tape/glue)
-A selection of seeds or seed mixes that have a relatively short germination time.
-A south or east facing window/grow light
-Spray bottle (for watering)
-Seedling tray with lid or a Dish that fits inside a clear plastic bag
-Marker or tags for labels
Getting started:
Get organized. Dirt in the kitchen isn’t always ideal, you may want to spread out a garbage bag, craft paper or large tray to work on…especially if you have more then one set of little hands helping you.
Read on to see how to make your own seedling pot, or if you already have some (or plan to buy some) skip ahead to planting.
DIY Seedling pot
To make your own  seedling pots by wrapping  a 6″ wide strip of newsprint around a small babyfood jar.
[ video ]

1.Align the paper with the top edge of the jar, fold the paper under the bottom of the jar as you wrap it around. Finish with a dab of glue or small piece of tape.
Fill your pot with moist soil or a “peat pellet” that has been re-hydrated.
Rough up the surface of potting soil/pellet and sprinkle with seeds. Ensure there is good contact between the seeds and the planting medium.
[ video ]

Place in a seedling tray, mist with water and close the lid. Or place on a dish with a raised rim, place the dish in a clear bag, mist with water and loosely fold the bag under to close.

Place tray/dish in a bright and warm spot ( I always use the top of my fridge) and mist with water regularly so that soil remains moist (not soaking wet).
Once you can see sprouts, open the bag/container a little & continue to keep moist. Move to a bright South or  East facing window or under a grow light.
Re-pot established seedlings in a 4″ pots
To do this fill a 4″ pot 1/3 full of soil,  place newsprint containing seedling in the centre, and just cover with soil.

Hooray its spring!

These are some great easy to grow edible plants:

What are your favourite things to grow inside? let us know in the comments.

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