Spring Must Haves

After that brutal winter (shudder) we are finally seeing the return of warmer temperatures and park worthy weather!  HUZZAH!  We have been hitting the parks hard lately and have noticed the gaps in our own kids wardrobes and have composed a list of essential Spring gear that we thought we’d share with you.


  • Spring jacket or windbreaker
  • Hooded fleece or sweatshirt
  • Waterproof raincoat
  • Waterproof rain pants

These are the basic 3 season layers we always keep in our kids closets.  To be honest we hoard curate a collection of them in various sizes so we have them on hand.  I’ve recently seen some amazing water and wind proof layers that work as regular coat and rain coat in one.  Make sure to check tags or websites because water resistant and waterproof are not the same thing.  Good layers can be expensive, save money and buy a size larger.  As long as sleeves can be rolled up and cuffs are elasticized (so they don’t get stepped on) your investment can last from Spring to Fall.

Wheat Canada

Mountain Equipment Co-Op

H&M (check stores, their great outerwear isn’t listed on their website)


  • Rubber boots
  • Comfortable running shoes with flexible soles (I always have 2 pair / kid.  Mud, potty accidents, mess happen and I like to have a spare on hand)
  • Waterproof closed toe sandals

The key to buying rubber boots is trying them on.  The sizing rarely runs true to size on this essential item so it’s well worth the hassle to bring your kid(s) along to try them on.  Trust me, having your little step out of their boot and into a puddle in the middle of an busy intersection is the worst.  True story.

Running shoes and sandals should have closed toes.  It’s a safety issue.  Letting your kids run free and take risks with their play is easier when you know their feet are covered.  All children’s shoes should have flexible soles and stay on children’s feet once fastened.  They should, however, be easy to take on and off.  Look for Velcro, buckles or toggles.

Joe Fresh

See Kai Run


Saltwater Sandals

Tiny Soles


  • Sun hat
  • Stretchy thin mitts (“magic mitts”) for chilly mornings (I buy them in bulk when ever I see them at the dollar store)
  • Lightweight beanie

Snug as a Bug 

Individual Jones

Ollie Bollie Baby

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