A Wish List that isn’t just for Santa

Last year I altered a rhyme that had been floating around the internet for a while – the “want, need,/wear, read” rhyme. I was hoping it would shift the way my family thinks about Christmas gifts. We have a pretty big extended family and between aunts, uncles, grandparents, and Santa I wanted a little more variety and lot fewer toys on my kids wish lists.
And not everyone in my family celebrates Christmas. I created some festive backgrounds and extended the rhyme to be 8 lines, now it can be used for any holiday (Hanukkah too).
I let my kids at it and sent the results off to some family, only to be told I should fill out one for myself. What a great suggestion; everyone in our family has come up with a list so now we all have lots of great ideas for everyone.

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If you want to print a copy of our wish list, you can find it on our printables page.

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