The Holiday Gift of being Nice

Its dark and cold out and we are all spending more time inside. And with all that togetherness some of us can start to feel…annoyed crowded. Okay maybe not quite, but I certainly suffer from a bit of squirreliness this time of year and I know I am not alone. We still trek to the park everyday, go to drop-ins, and meet up with friends, but the park is a bit cold and dark, we haven’t any snow yet…and then it will get warmer for a day or two and everyone seems so much more happy.

I don’t know if it’s the imminent holidays or just the change in seasons, but this time of year it seems to me we could all use a little help being extra nice (and kind and thoughtful) to the people around us.
I always find it is easier to model (positive) ways of being in the world, when I remind myself I am setting an example for the little ones in my life.

This year I decided we would try a new activity, a jar filled with small acts of kindness. A way to spread a little warmth and light—a gift of sorts, that doesn’t need to wait for a special day, can be small, and doesn’t come from a store.
Its an activity you can start anytime of year, but at my house we are incorporating it into our advent calendar.

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How it works:
I created 2 pages of “coins,” cut them out, and put them in our advent containers (we are re-using a Starbucks advent calendar, metal containers on a magnetic (chalk) board).
Each morning we take one coin out, read it and place it into a jar.
That’s it. We have been tasked with a kind act to complete…we talk about how the “gift” was “delivered” at the end of the day.
When the we have run out of coins, we start over with the full jar.

My big kid has already made some suggestions for new coins…I love that it has him thinking about other people.

Print your coins from our printables page (I have left some blank coins so you can create your own).

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