The 5 minute no sew, Felt (spider) hero mask


5 minutes from printing the template to putting it on a little face.
these are great craft activity for little ones. Once cut out, decorate with school glue, sparkles, sequins, bits of felt. For older kids, it can be a great way to practice simple sewing stitches.

What you’ll need to make two masks
hot glue gun + glue
two  10″ x 10″ piece of felt (or four 5″x10″ pieces) in two colours
permanent marker
printed template, from our printables page
10-12″ elastic or ribbon

1/ print “spider hero mask” template and cut out. Cut out eye templates as well.
if you are using 10 x 10 felt, fold in half and place template on fold.
if you are using 1/2 sheets leave some extra space next to centre fold mark so that you can attach the two mask halves together.
2/ Trace template onto felt and cut out. Cut out eye holes in mask, and eye pieces.
2/b if using 5″ x 10″ felt attach the two halves of the mask together along centre seam with hot glue.
3/line up eye holes, and hot glue eye pieces onto mask. Add additional decorative elements as desired, including “webbing” marks, which can be drawn on with permanent marker.
4/hot glue top and bottom seams together
5/punch or cut holes on either side, and attach elastic/ribbon.


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