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Liz and Jessica Co-Founders of Fruitful Pursuits
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Fruitful Pursuits is where this pear, use puns unapologeticly. We share our opinions and ideas about kids gear, activities, crafts, recipes, outings, strategies, and stuff for the kids in our care with parents, families, & other care providers in our community.

Whats the deal with Pi(e) and all the fruit?
Our kids, we love ’em. The π (pi) has meaning for them and us. It fell in our laps and points out the infinite nature of life and the infinite number of ways our lives intersect–our pursuit; to pull it all together wrap it up in a sweet little circle and share some of the parts with you.
Everybody loves pie, and caring for kids and growing families is a lot like making a pie…imperfect, messy but add love, sweetness and surround it by warmth and you’ve made something wonderful.

Have a look, and let us know what you think. We offer our opinions on everything we have tried- what we think works and what doesn’t.

Contact us at: info@fruitfulpursuits.com

Community Roots

Jessica is a trained artist, educator, facilitator, novice foodie, and mom of two.
Since 2008 she has been providing children safe, fun and enriching experiences in her home and community. She loves making messes and experimenting with art, gardening, and with food. Whether in the kitchen, the park, or the back yard she finds wonder and opportunities to teach and learn all around her. Child-centred, and taking cues form Positive Parenting, little ones interests guide explorations; creating a strong foundation on which they will continue to build, preparing them for school and life.

Liz is a licensed elementary teacher, avid sewist, musician and mom of two.
She started her home daycare in 2009 when she saw a need for childcare in her community that felt less institutional and more like a mom with kids playing and learning out in their neighbourhood.  Mixing her roots as a free range country kid with the opportunities and amazing spaces in the city – you’ll find Liz and her crew out adventuring, making friends, visiting favourite haunts and discovering new ones.  Her childcare philosophy is rooted in constructivist theory, she strives to give children the opportunity to be curious and the confidence to try to figure the world out.

We provide the little people in our care with the best beginning; building their skills, confidence, and independence. We have fun, get messy and learn and grow through experiencing the world around us!


photo courtesy of Krista Ellis Photgraphy

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