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Click here to see a map we made of kid focused programs and spaces in downtown Toronto.

The Children’s Storefront  is a free service that provides support for parents and young children in a child-centered and family friendly space.  Unstructured programming  is focused on social inclusion in a supportive environment. The Storefront offers a community kitchen providing monthly community potlucks, work shops, and low cost lunch and supper 3 days a week ($5/2.50). All meals are vegetarian with an eye to kid friendly yet adventurous, nutritious, local and sustainable food.

Ontario Early Years Centres  (OYEC) provide FREE programming and support for children up to the age of six, their parents, and caregivers. It brings together in one location community members, activities, information about children’s services and programs in the community.

Parenting and Family Literacy Centres (PFLC) provide families with direct access to social, health, and developmental support services. Centres provide FREE school-based programs are aligned with kindergarten to support school readiness through play-based programming, songs, and stories.

The Toronto Public Library offers an excellent set of programs in library and online to support literacy in children of all ages. All programs are FREE. Early literacy programs foster a love of books, build reading readiness in children and show parents and caregivers how to help their child get ready for reading. All programs are free.
Kids Stop, early literacy centres:

Events and Things to do:
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City of Toronto 

Toronto 4 Kids 
The Little Paper

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