Fruitful Pursuits

A Revelation on Readiness

As parents and caregivers we are all to often caught up in preparing for the next stage of a child’s development. We spend countless hours researching; reading books or blogs or chatting with friends, parenting mentors, experts and, sometimes, complete strangers about what it is our children “should” be doing now or next. Are the...

The weather might be unpredictable but this PLAY DOUGH recipe will work every time!

PLAY DOUGH #3 on my list of  favourite craft recipes -I always use my Moms cooked playdough recipe, it has great elasticity and keeps a VERY long time. But lots of people prefer the no-cook dough. Below are recipes for both. No-Cook play dough from our drop-in centre What you’ll need: 2 c flour 1c water...


Sometimes my muffins are loaves, sometimes they are healthy muffins masquerading as doughnuts, but they all start with my master recipe. I have figured out a muffin recipe that is pretty forgiving as long as the basic proportions remain constant. additions, substitutions, variations, Go Dairy/Gluten/Egg Free or even vegan.