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Super kid tutorial series (i) MASK

The first tutorial in our Super Kid series: Our Super Kid Mask. The series uses stuff you probably already own, cheap easy and sewing optional.
The Super Kid Mask is made of two pieces of felt with an ajustable elastic head strap. The toggle makes it so the mask will fit any size head age One to One Hundred!

What’s in our diaper bags: The Checklist

After years of leaving the house with a herd of children in tow we can pack a mean diaper bag. This is the lowdown.We’ve all been there, rummaging around in your diaper bag for something you NEED on a trip away from home and not finding it. Kids can be messy and unpredictable so and having a wipe or a plastic bag at hand can mean the difference between an hiccup in your day and a frenzied trip home … On the other hand, dragging a big bag overflowing with stuff you don’t need exploding socks, receipts and crackers at inopportune moments…

A parenting & childcare blog for real life! Fruitful Pursuits

Well worn and road tested: clothes, food, gear; at Fruitful Pursuits we dish on our experiences, kid approved food, activities, & crafts, tips on surviving outings, managing challenging behaviour, tricks of the trade, tutorials and DIY projects, all for real kids and real life. We work with kids everyday, wonderful, fulfilling, messy, sometimes thankless and exhausting work- We...

Free Kids Programming – MAP

A Map of free kid focused programs and spaces in Toronto’s downtown core. The city of Toronto has a large number of resources, activities and programs that are just for little people and their caregivers, but best of all they are FREE.  Tailored to the interests and learning styles of kids age 0-6 these kid friendly spaces will enrich early...