Recipe Index

Food and crafts are a big part of our day and we often talk about the recipes we use for the kids in our care.
Here are some of our favourite recipes, with links to their source.

Recipes (aplphabetically)  
Coconut riceballs food
Crepes & maple syrup whipped cream food
Bee-bim Bop food
Fish Tacos food
Fruit Treats food
Goo craft
Homemade biscuit mix food
Kid friendly Carrot, Beet, & Apple Slaw food
Lasagnalasagna casserole food
Mini Burger food
Muffin, the master recipe food
Picadillo and “rice and beans” food
Play dough craft
Quick crustless quiche food
Roti food
Salt Dough craft
Slime craft
Southern style chicken chowder food
Super Sauce  food
Turtle bread food/craft


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