We go Bananas for…kids gear

We use baby and kid gear everyday and we have opinions about them all, BIG opinions. Bought, borrowed, bartered, home-made, and hand-me-downed . The kids in our care bring stuff with them we try it out. we see a deal on the newest product that every parent *must* have, we grab it and give it a go.
Things we can’t live without, things we wish had never come in to our homes,  drive us crazy with their limitations, wear out to fast, or that we wish would last forever.

Things that drive us bananas for better or worse…

The Ergobaby Baby carrier. It is my favorite, and possible most loved piece of baby gear. I use it everyday and love it so much I have paid full price for it twice (not because it wore out in the last 6 years, which would be reasonable, but because in my house we needed two!).

HoMedics SoundSpa Portable White Noise Machine.  Best $30 I ever spent.  An amazing baby gift for new parents.

NoseFrida The Snot Sucker Nasal Aspirator. Love it. if your snotty I’m coming for you with it (and you may not even be a little person). It has made for better sleep in our house and that makes it a winner!

Stainless Steel Drinking BottleKid Klean Kanteen, Crocodile Creek, or Sigg . The first gift my little ones get- an indestructible water bottle that goes everywhere we do. We attach a carbeaner to the lid and a name tag to the jug, it gets clipped to our stroller or bag and we have yet to loose one! BPA free, non-toxic, leak proof, and the perfect size.

Sophie the Giraffe when I first looked at Sophie I was 7 month pregnant and I though she was over priced, but one of the few natural rubber products on the market, I put it on my baby wish list. Now  years later time and time again it has been the only toy that can sooth and keep the interest of even the littlest new baby especially when they are at that everything-goes-in-the-mouth phase.

Munchkin Suction Bowls. surprisingly versatile and also something I use nearly everyday.

Big Boss Grill. okay, this seems like a strange addition, but i use this thing minimum 3 times a week-we make grilled cheese, eggs, and healthy baked doughnuts (use your favourite muffin recipe or mine.

Change pad like from Skip Hop or Munchkin, part of my quick-escape bag. Everything you need for diapering in one tidy package.

Training Underwear. excellent for little ones leaving diapers behind.

Carabiners large and small. I use little ones to keep water bottles and backpacks together, big ones, like the Mommy Hook, to keep things with the stroller, including kids who use them as a hand-hold.

MEC snow & rain suits.I like MEC ’cause its never let me down. We are on year 7 of using the 18-24 month snow suit. For 7 winters I have pulled it out of the closet and put it on a little person. I also have size 2T & 3T rainsuits, snow and rain coats & pants. All are still water proof,  fit well, and  have little wear to speak of. If you have more then one child they are an investment that will last  & grow with the whole family.
Stackable/nesting /interlocking Snack containers. these are great, and when paired with a paper muffin cup liner, they can carry a combination of foods. I like these because they are small, light weight, and easy to keep clean.

Do you have baby gear that drives you bananas? Let us know in the comments.


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